Bidding For Good: Woman Suffrage Talk

I’m pleased to offer my presentation, “‘No More Pink Teas’: The Militant Surge for Woman Suffrage” talk as part of a fundraiser for the Connecticut League of History Organizations (CLHO), an amazing state-wide organization that serves the CT history community.


Alva Belmont’s tea service.

For the link to bid, click here.  The deadline is November 18, 2017.  A description of the talk, which can also be found on another page of my website, follows:

“The 19-teens saw an increase in bold suffrage activity, from large parades in state capitals, such as the one held in Hartford, CT, to picketing the White House.  Join Progressive-era suffrage historian Joanie DiMartino to discover how national and Connecticut suffragists participated in a surge of militant political activism that led to women gaining the right to vote in 1920.

An excellent talk to celebrate Women’s History Month (March), Women’s Equality Day (August 26), voting in November–or any time!”

As for the fine print regarding the auction:

“This talk may include an exhibit of reproduction suffrage memorabilia and/or handouts.  Speaker will travel to your site / public location to present this talk, and will offer suggestions to help you plan the event. This program pairs well with a tea!

This item must be redeemed between March 1 and November 30, 2018.

Speaker will travel within 2 hours / 100 miles driving distance from Mystic, Connecticut.”

If you know a historic site, library, or organization willing to rent a public space to host my talk, please bid–opening bid only $50!–it supports a dynamic league which accomplishes great work throughout the state of CT for large and small museums alike, and my talk is engaging, informative, and marvelous fun!  (And I’ve no doubt the women in the photo below would agree!)


National Woman’s Party taking tea.

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