WomanSpeak: A Journal of Writing and Art by Caribbean Women

I’m beyond honored to have my poem, “For the Young Mothers Who Want To,” included in this fine journal, edited by the remarkable feminist Lynn Sweeting.  My first international publication, I’m fortunate to be included among strong Caribbean women writers, and this issue features the theme, “Letters to the Granddaughters: Conjuring the Women Writers of the Future.”  From fairy tales to poetry and fiction, to essays and art, there is much to love and be moved by in this annual literary and artistic celebration of women.  My poem is based on Marge Piercy’s “For the Young Who Want To,” and my only quibble is that the epigram acknowledging my debt to Piercy was left out, so I feel the need to mention that inspiration here.  This is a gorgeous volume, with much, besides my humble poem, to recommend it.


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