“antarctica, occluded” receives Honorable Mention

I’m pleased to announce that my poem, “antarctica, occluded” was listed as an Honorable Mention in the Louisville Literary Arts 2016 Poetry Competition.

Judge Kathleen Driskell shared her reasons for this selection:

“I felt a shiver as I read through the beginning of this poem so palpable is the poet’s ability to catch this cold setting–and then as water and whales emerge, the poem begins to wash and rock in its rhythm.  It’s difficult to tell a historical story in a poem and it’s difficult to write protest poems: this poet merges both impulses beautifully.  The ending, ‘there are more words for ice / than god,’ surprises me and at the same time is a masterful conclusion.”


The poem “antarctica, occluded” is from my manuscript “Wood to Skin,” a collection of whaling poetry.

Louisville Literary Arts is hosting their Writer’s Block Festival today and tomorrow (November 4-5, 2016) click here for more information.

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