Upcoming Appearance: Writers Resist


Tomorrow I will participate in Writers Resist, joining my voice with other writers making a shared commitment to the spirit of compassion, equality and free speech. As part of more than fifty events across the globe, writers in New London will read historic and contemporary writings on the ideals of democracy and free expression. The event is free and the public is welcome to attend.

My intent is to feature writings related to, and culminating with, the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, granting women the right to vote.

I am honored to share the microphone with these amazing writers and champions of equality: Charles Fort, Jose Gonzalez, Frederick-Douglass Knowles, Mark Lamoureux, Steve Ostrowski, Lisa Taylor, and Rhonda Ward.  Open-mic to follow if time allows.

Sunday, January 15th
2-4 pm, Free
Community Room
New London Public Library
Community Room
63 Huntington St, New London, CT

I hope to see you there, as we celebrate the importance of the written word to our democratic ideals.

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